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Praan Group is based in the Netherlands and focuses on development of Integrative self-managed institutions in the world context with volatility, uncertainity, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). VUCA brings great opportunities for this type of organizations. We offer full spectrum of consulting services for creating and transforming institutions towards this paradigm. This transformation involves a strategic interplay of People (for mindful activities), Process (for wisdom to put everything together) and Technology (for automating mindless activities) in a harmonious way. This gets reflected in our offerings categorized for Business (process & technology) and Education (people). To have businesses realize their vision of integrative self-managed paradigm, we provide strategic consulting on organization leadership, designs, management tools – prognostic, diagnostic and intervention, methodologies, technology and education.

Our mission is to positively and strategically influence the conversations and accomplishment on practices that enhance a humane economy. Our vision is to acknowledging both the relevance of matter and spirit, economic and humane values in building ventures, organizations and societies.

  • Strong focus on Research and Education
All offerings are outcomes of rigorous research by our founder researchers who collectively bring more than 60 years of research and consulting experience across a diverse spectrum of industries, geographies and cultures. Some of the areas that we research to bring our offerings are knowledge, learning, leadership, entrepreneurship, organization worldviews, cultures and designs, sports, integrative holistic management, alternative economic practices to name a few. Our research has been disseminated across academic and non-academic outlets alike, through well known publishers. To maintain this strong focus on research, we maintain a research and publishing vertical. Both fundamental and applied research are shared through our Gurukul‘s programs, courses and workshops for companies and academic institutions. The intention is to contribute in transforming people into leaders with integrative holistic mindset.
  • Everything around Integrative Self Managed Organizations
The self managed institutional paradigm inspires organizational designs for transforming the mindset of stakeholders to enable out of the box thinking; designing alternative economic approaches; developing new leadership insights, and creating outcome measures that integrate both the impact of humane and economic values. The approaches focuses on revitalizing economies and enhancing integral outcomes: – economic outcomes such as sustainable innovation and wealth creation – and humane outcomes such as healthy, meaningful, and happy workplaces and stakeholders relations. The characteristics of these practices are:
  • A frugal attitude toward the use of resources and humane values by following a modern holistic learning perspective
  • We develop and nourish insights by bringing together different disciplines, diverse cultural backgrounds and gender and integrating diverse worldviews
  • Mindset based on multi-dimensional entrepreneurial competences, a transformational attitude towards current behaviors and routines, an openness towards various views and values
  • We encourage an innovative orientation and entrepreneurial attitude, clarity, simplification and simplicity in operations
  • We contribute to organizational goals of economic outcomes and wealth creation
  • The approaches contribute to a sense of membership, belongingness and calling, and a decrease in alienation among employees, a meaningful, happy and prosperous place for several stakeholders and generations to come
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The paradigm of Integrative Self-managed Organizations is about an integral unity in everything which gets manifested as diversity. To create an institution or an individual to have a sustainable meaningful existence in this paradigm, it requires to inculcate self-righteousness, self-reliance and self-freedom. For business, this translates to..

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PRAAN Group is a live network of institutions like the roots of a Banyan tree which share a common worldview and nourish each other under dynamic rules of engagement. Who nourished whom and when.

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